It’s all in the name

Brand name value is credibility based on track record and a reputation for getting the job done. Legal skills alone do not set anyone apart from the competition of international providers of top legal advice. A brand name should in itself spark instant recognition amongst potential clients and identify you in the market place. A story behind the brand name often helps spark that instant recognition. We believe that DANDERS & MORE does just that.

Leaving as partners in an international law firm in 2006 in order to start a boutique law firm in Copenhagen, Anders M. Hansen and Dan Terkildsen had to come up with a brand name that would resonate with the internationally focused client base and still communicate the values and the commitment that all of their clients had come to know as their hallmark.

Consequently, Dan and Anders became DANDERS.

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Moreover, there is more to the firm than the two founding partners. There is all of our people and all of our values, and the commercial approach on top of the legal skills delivered, enabling us to deliver MORE to our clients.

This led to settling for a brand name that says everything important in one sentence: