The Mansions

Our domicile is located in the heart of Copenhagen. Both in terms of context and design, it offers our clients and employees a unique business environment in the historic centre of the city.

The two mansions, Dehns Mansion and Knuths Mansion date back to 1758. Accordingly, it has been considered vital to respect and protect the historic nature of the buildings, while offering a functional and flexible space for clients and employees.

The domicile is designed in alignment with our business goals, our clients, our people, our processes and our services, and it provides a high-performance workplace that promotes collaboration and team leadership.

Behind the unique and highly innovative design solutions is the global architecture and design firm, Gensler.

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Underlining our international profile, the contemporary design of the domicile mirrors our international offerings, while aligning the focus of our peoples work life with the promised quality and delivery of international advice and service. Furthermore, we believe that our domicile sets us apart from our competitors, simply by offering a little MORE.

The thoughts behind
The goal was to create a space that tells a story and sets us apart from others. Consequently, the appearance of the design is international with a local twist rather than a Nordic contemporary design.

Putting emphasis on the historic context of the buildings, the concept took its inspiration from 18th century acrostic jewellery, given as a token of affection. Jewels were used to spell out a word, such as ‘DEAREST’, with a diamond representing ‘D’ and so on. This has been applied to the two mansions, with each floor assigned a stone to spell out the word ‘DANDERS’.

In the client spaces, each room has taken on a different property of its assigned stone or jewel, the ground floor being diamond and the first floor representing amber. Qualities are shown through texture, colour and materials. A pattern has been developed for each client floor based on the stone’s molecular structure. In the office spaces, the assigned jewel has been used to bring colour and identity to each floor.

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