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Our clients are facing tough choices and are constantly navigating unchartered waters. In order to be successful in any business, you have to work hard at achieving your best whilst planning for the worst. No plan will ever play out as envisaged at the drawing board because the financial markets, competitors, customers and the business environment are constantly changing. 

That's why clients are sometimes faced with disputes and find themselves in need not merely of a lawyer, but of an excellent litigator. Although, any dispute is a distraction from every client's business goals, we understand that our clients expect us to do everything possible to secure a successful outcome.

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Highly recognised for its strategic rather than mechanic approach to dispute resolution, our practice exploits technological and legal skills, not only in pursuing and protecting our clients' business objectives, but also in counselling as effective dispute advisers in the international business environment.

We have expertise in managing complex, multi-faceted cases involving multiple claims and parties, and we are admitted to all Danish courts, including the Supreme Court, as well as the administrative courts in Denmark on tax issues, competition and public procurement.

Success demands hard work, talent and judgement – and a little luck.

Contact: Dan Terkildsen