Being a partner at DANDERS & MORE is about more than legal skills as we as a firm constantly look to find new and smarter ways to get ahead of our competition. Merely being an expert on legal issues entails a risk of getting lost in this pursuit of business excellence. Partners must understand and embrace change and be able to stay focused on our commercial aims and not lose direction.

Being able to take a commercial approach of moulding legal skills to the business aims of our clients is a fundamental principle of our firm. Our partners must at all times be truly commercial, trusted legal advisers. Because of who they are as partners and what we are as a firm. Constantly pursuing the best deal for our clients and finding answers where others fail. That’s what it’s like being a partner at DANDERS & MORE.

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Majken Korsgaard Petersen, Partner: “To me the essence of being an associate for many years and now a partner at DANDERS & MORE is integrated in the name. I find that the name signals an international focus, but equally important it signals humour, comradeship, loyalty – all with an edge. Combined, it makes every one strive to do their best and to succeed, which creates both a challenging and interesting environment. Reading through my statement, I realise that it seems like a sales pitch, but it was the most precise thing I could say and luckily,a partnership at DANDERS & MORE is not for sale. It requires talent, edge, commitment and a true desire to make a difference. My 10+ years’ seniority is a testimony to this statement”.