What we do

[In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few]

Our commercial approach to applying our legal skills to the important business aims of our clients is something many others fail to deliver. That is because a truly commercial approach to applying the law isn't just is a service - it's a commitment.

Our qualifications spans from private companies, to financial institutions, investment companies, individual investors, business owners and public authorities.

Our primary areas of focus are transactions, including Corporate and Commercial Transactions, capital market transactions, national and international mergers and acquisitions, advice on financial and compliance issues in relation to the sets of rules regulating the financial sector, as well as transactions in real estate. We also advice the operators in the building industry on all aspects of construction law, and we aim to find useful solutions to complicated problems. Moreover, we offer strong capabilities within Litigation and Arbitration, both nationally and internationally, and we also serve on the panel in major arbitration proceedings.