Corporate and Financial Transactions

[You will never find new ways if you're not ready to get lost]

Unless you just want to follow in the footsteps of your competitors, you constantly have to find new and smarter ways to get ahead. And in this pursuit of excellence, there is always the risk of getting lost. Understanding and embracing this principle makes it possible to stay focused on your commercial aims and not lose direction.

But our commercial approach of moulding our legal skills to the business aims of our clients in Denmark and the Nordic region is not just a service – it's a fundamental tenet of our firm. We believe that being a truly commercial, trusted legal adviser isn't just about how we deliver legal advice - it's all about who and what we are.

Ultimately, the success of our clients depends on the skills and commitment of our people and we constantly pursue the best deal for our clients, as we are driven to find answers where others fail.

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Clients want solutions, not legal technicalities. That's why we are creating solutions in collaboration with our clients; creating new ways of doing business for clients operating at the cutting-edge of developing law; we do not just see ourselves as lawyers but also as business advisers and deal makers being able to add value to transactions by applying creative thinking with intellectual rigour.

Having assisted international and internationally focused clients for more than two decades on domestic and cross border transactions, we get lost too sometimes. But we will keep you, the client, firmly on track.

We never let you down - We are part of the deal!