Pro Bono

[Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve]

Turbulent times bring hardship to many, both close to home and far afield. The need to support and assist others less fortunate, however, must not be veiled by the broader use of the word austerity. As a resourceful business, DANDERS & MORE recognise our responsibility to support and assist others less fortunate, not as a marketing initiative or a form of absolution. We thus encourage all of our people to engage directly or indirectly in initiatives aimed at those in need of help.

As a heartfelt commitment and in order never to forget that our own success does not make others less fortunate unsuccessful, DANDERS & MORE support Doctors Without Borders and are instrumental in the work of United Hearts Fonden, a charitable foundation with a stated aim of seeking to support projects that respond to the evolving challenges and opportunities facing Danish society.