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Employment law

In our opinion, good legal advice is rooted in profound commercial understanding and broad global perspective.

Experts with sound experience in employment law

Advice in relation to employment law provided by DANDERS & MORE includes both drafting of contracts, bonus agreements or other types of agreements of remuneration, such as incentive schemes, agreements on options, warrants or phantom shares. We handle notices of termination, dismissals and severance agreements for both employers and employees. Dealing with both sides of the matter on a daily basis is a great advantage and in particular, it gives a very good idea on how to navigate in the extensive set of statutory rules.

Employment disputes

Sometimes, it is not possible to settle employment disputes out of court, and the matter ends in court or before a tribunal. Therefore, it can end up being rather expensive to make the wrong decisions in relation to an employment matter, which is why we will be there to assist throughout the entire process, discussing the strategic considerations and the general possibilities. Such advice is of great importance to our clients – both financially, and as a matter of principle.