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Press release Copenhagen, 15th of January 2021

Cybot obtains record valuation. With the support of new international investors, Cybot is heading for a position as one of the leading e-privacy companies.

Danish company Cybot A/S has today announced that they have received an investment of hundreds of million. Cybot is a world leader within software for protection of personal data on the internet.

The investment comes from American Full In Partners, a growth investor with experience from a number of the world’s most innovative technology companies. With the investment, Full In Partners receives a majority shareholding in the company, while the founder and current managing director of Cybot, Daniel Johannsen, remains major shareholder. The owners of Cybot, who are now selling at a record valuation, also include Lars Kolind, who invested in Cybot at an early stage. Lars Kolind has supported the company for many years as chairman of the board.

In three years, Cybot has increased its value ten times har 10-doblet sin værdi på bare tre år.

Through the most recent three years, the Cookiebot software has become the dominant solution within Cookie Consent Management and has now been implemented on more than 350,000 websites worldwide. Cybot is the world’s fastest growing e-privacy solution and with the new investors on board, growth can increase even more, heading towards being Denmark’s next “unicorn”. Founder of Cybot, Daniel Johannsen, is the architect behind Cybot’s software Cookiebot, which differs significantly from those of the competitors by a second to none technology for scanning of websites and by being extremely scalable. Cybot was founded in 2012. Daniel Johannsen spent the first five years on developing the technical solution. The commercial growth really gained speed from November 2017, where chairman of the board, Lars Kolind, invested in the company. In the last three years, the number of employees has grown from one to more than 50, divided between the company’s offices in Copenhagen and Odense.

“Lars Kolind has been an invaluable and loyal support in our growth, and we have had an absolutely fantastic collaboration. Furthermore, this trade has only been possible thanks to lawyer Claus Abildstrøm from DANDERS & MORE, who has been very close to us for a long time, ”says Daniel Johannsen. The value investors have put on Cybot equals more than 10 times the turnover.

The new investors are to speed up Cybot’s growth. The vision is clear: to give everybody control of their personal data and ensure consumer confidence in the digital economy.

Already now, Cybot is one of the world’s leading ePrivacy companies, and Cybot’s vision is to give everybody control of their personal data and ensure consumer confidence in the digital economy.

Together with Daniel Johannsen, the new owner will try to reach the more than 500 million websites, which according to Daniel Johannsen need Cookiebot. This will continue to demand investments in the build-up of a global organization, which must be ensures through the cooperation with the new owners.

“I believe we have only just seen the beginning”, says Daniel Johannsen, who will continue to undertake the position as CEO, member of the board and major investor in the company.

Lars Kolind, who now resigns from the board of directors, is happy to pass on the baton: “We will se a lot more of Cybot in the future”, he says and continues: “The need to protect the data of the users on the internet will increase in the future, and I am pleased that a Danish company will be a determining factor in this respect”.

The interest from the international investors was massive and unprecedented.

According to Daniel Johannsen, for the last year, Cybot has been looking for an investor, because there was a desire for having an experienced, global partner in the company, who, besides capital, could contribute with capabilities and knowledge as to the best way to navigate a growth company, growing with extreme speed, both in size and complexity.

The Danish financial consultancy firm Nordic M&A has assisted Cybot during the last year in establishing the contact to a number of global technology investors, and according to managing partner Anders W. Eriknauer, the interest has been remarkable:

“We have been in dialogue with a closely selected group of the world’s best technology investors and almost everyone of them have shown a great deal of interest in investing. I have never seen a company being able to grow so fast and with such profit, as Cybot has been able to, yet it is still rare that we meet such interest and can obtain a valuation of this size that Cybot has created on the e-privacy area, and that is also an indication of the future potential of this company”, says Anders W. Eriknauer.

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