Danders And More

Student job at DANDERS & MORE

Working as a paralegal at DANDERS & MORE introduces you to the work at a professional, challenging, inspiring and internationally focused law firm, where you are given plenty of opportunities to put theory from university into practice.

Student job across legal disciplines

Our paralegals work closely together with both trainee attorneys, lawyers and partners when solving legal and practical tasks within our areas of expertise. For example, you will be required to assist by performing legal investigations and information searches, preparing memoranda and bundles of documents for court cases, attending enforcement hearings, etc.

Would you like to work at DANDERS & MORE?

Paralegals working at DANDERS & MORE handle complex assignments and must have the proper professional qualifications. Naturally, the assignments depend on your educational level. Weekly working hours are 15 to 20, and you will have time off to study for your exams.

If you are interested, please contact one of our paralegals to hear more about working at DANDERS & MORE.

Responsibility for your own assignments…

At DANDERS & MORE you get the opportunity to develop your skills, as the office provides advice in many different legal disciplines. The paralegals are expected to take responsibility for their own assignments, which is very educational and gives an understanding of how the law works in practice. Even though an assignment is your responsibility, trainee attorneys, lawyers and partners are always ready to assist and give you advice. The relationship between all the employees is very relaxed and we work well together in every way, which makes it all a lot more fun.  

Cecilie Louise Kolding, paralegal.