Danders And More


DANDERS & MORE has many years of all-round experience in transactions within in all types of industries.

We act as collaborative partner and we provide advice to Danish and international clients in connection with

  • Sale and purchase of companies and activities
  • Sale and purchase of properties/property companies
  • Advice in connection with stock exchange matters, issue of shares and drafting of prospectus
  • Advice in relation to private equity
  • Processes of restructuring and corporate succession

We see possibilities where others only see limitations

The advice we provide to our clients will always be focused on planning and optimising the transaction and the process from beginning to end, and will also include the due diligence process and drafting of all required documentation, in order to ensure the optimum agreement is achieved for our clients. In connection with M&A processes, both parties need legal advice with commercial understanding, as well as assistance in connection with project management and planning of the process.

Over the years, we have built a reputation of being innovative and professional M&A advisers to a variety of clients, from multinational and listed companies over small and medium-sized Danish companies to private individuals.

We are not only lawyers. We are also trusted business advisers, who assist our clients in closing and handling complex transactions.

You can follow the footsteps of others or you can leave your own footprints when you enter new territories as the first. At DANDERS & MORE, we constantly seek new ways of business together with our clients, and adapt our legal skills to match the commercial targets of each individual client.