DANDERS & MORE’s values

Our mission

DANDERS & MORE is an internationally focused law firm, assisting successful clients with
transaction based advice, and advice within litigation and arbitration.

Our vision

Our vision – on an international scale – is to become a profitable and professional law firm
within transaction based advice and litigation and arbitration.

Our values


The clients are the basis of existence for DANDERS & MORE. We are nothing without our clients! Each and every employee and partner at DANDERS & MORE is therefore a part of a professional team, which continues to try to be innovative, resourceful and ready to take different paths in order to ensure that our clients are able to reach their commercial goals, and thereby ensure our own success.


As employee and partner at DANDERS & MORE we have chosen a professional career with an ambitious company, and we therefore always do our utmost in order to ensure the success of the company through the success of the clients – just as we consistently meet clients, colleagues and superiors with respect.

Hard work and fairness

The work effort of the individual should always reflect a high working morale and high ethical standards, and should always respect opposing parties through fair behaviour in the solution of our work, even though we will always try our utmost to ensure the success of our clients.


We believe that each employee and partner wants to do their absolutely best in order to achieve success for the clients, the company and themselves. Also, we trust and expect that all employees in this respect put the clients and the company first!

Professional and personal development

As a paramount part of the entirety, the individual employee contributes to making DANDERS & MORE a desirable place for a client and making it a workplace characterized by a good social environment, which is both professionally and personally stimulating.

Social responsibility

As a resourceful company we acknowledge our obligation to support and help others, either directly or indirectly through unselfish initiatives.