Amalie offers skilled advice on compliance within data protection, including GDPR. She advises on all issues of data protection, including drafting and implementing data protection measures, performing assessments in relation to data protection obligations, such as drafting various policies, consents, risk assessments, data processing agreements, impact analysis, documents regarding transfers to third party countries etc., handling of data security breaches, and assistance in all communication with the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Amalie is certified in European data protection law (CIPP/E).

Also, Amalie advises on matters of intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark law, where her assistance among others include negotiation and conclusion of licence agreements. She also assists clients in relation to marketing and consumer issues, i.a. by drafting and reviewing terms and conditions, marketing campaigns and matters relating to the Consumer Ombudsman.

Amalie also has general litigation experience as well as international experience from having studied in Australia. She has also been employed as a lawyer with the Danish National Police.

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