Throughout a number of years, Philip has been Managing Partner of DANDERS & MORE, and as legal adviser, he has more than 20 years of experience, primarily with corporate and commercial work, including in relation to financial markets regulation, general corporate law, purchase and sale of companies, and general commercial legal advice.

Philip is highly recognised for his solution-oriented approach to legal problems. He always takes all aspects of the process into consideration and ensures that they are given the proper attention, thus always having focus on project management and a commercial solution to the client’s matters.
Moreover, Philip’s clients have always appreciated his hands-on based approach to all matters as well as his availability at all times.

Philip’s financial education enables him to always include all financial aspects of a transaction when considering the best possible solution for a client.

For many years, Philip has worked with Life Science companies and become specialized in sale and purchase of medical practices and the challenges particular for that kind of business.

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